9th Degree Black Belt
Hall of Fame Inductee
Mr. DeClemente is a renowned Martial Artist who has been a friend and trainer to Movie Stars, Sports Figures and Entertainment Personalities!

Bill Wallace Movie
Star & Martial Artist

Soke Ferrara & Curti
s Silwa
"The Guardian Angel"

Jack LaLanne

Mayor Wnek & Congressman Palone

Tony Emmett - Mr. Universe

John Pachivas Sr. Pres. USKA

Sage Stalone - Movie Star

Ed McGrath - Instructor  to   Author of
the movie "The Karate Kid"

Arron Pryor -  Boxing World Champ

Lou Panella - Mgr.N.Y.Yankees
  John (The Count) Montafusco

Soke Amato & Dan Severen
U.L.T. Fighting Champ

Webster Emanuel Lewis - Movie Star

Chuck Wepner - Inspiration for Movie "ROCKY"

Freddy Fender - Country Western Singer

Mike DePasqualli Jr. - Movie Star & Publisher

Grizzly Adams - Actor & Chris Johnson

Bill White - Nat. Baseball Comm.

Dave Draper - Movie Star & Mr.Universe

Rotary Club Guest Speaker

Quick Tile - Hvy. Wt. Contender

Barry Newman - Actor/Movie Star

T.V. Appearence
Featured as Robert DeNiro's
bodyguard in the Gangster film

Before a scene with Billy Crystal

Vinnie Vella from "CASINO" and
actor Richie Castalano

Actor Joe Viterelli at the Wrap - Up party

Robert DeNiro
  LESLIE J. LOTT Esq. & Family Mike Sr.Emmett & Mike Jr         Intellectual Property Law Atty.
    Head of Firm LOTT & FRIEDLAND Et'al
Antonette & Vic Juliano, NY Private Eye, most infamous client was John Gotti
Left to Right  Frank LaDone, Pete Pillicane, Bill, John J. Kelly  cousin of Grace Kelly at the Tampa Bay Society Club.
Bill on his terrace with Sammy from Chicago   Bill, Cousin Jerry Zangara & Sammy from Chicago   Cousins Gino & Jerry Zangara
General Gino Zangara   Ret. Atty Bob Wohfeld

Johnny Giordano 60th Birthday Party   Ken DePhilipo Mayor of North Miami
Paris Hilton to Bill   Cousin Ken Zangara & Bill
Bill with Congressman Steve Pearce
A Veteran for Veterans & Peace !
  Bill with Sheriff Darren White

A Veteran of the 82nd Airborne.
Bill with State House Rep. Justine Fox-Young   Bill with State House Rep. Candy Spence-Ezzell
Bill with Lucy Barela on Univision Radio   Bill with Lisa Tarraco
Bill with Sheriff Darren White   Bill with Mitt Romney  

"Kid" Carl Gambino, Bill & Joe "Yachts" Esposito at the Jersey Shore   Bill , backstage with Freddy Fender & "Kid" Carl Gambino
Bill with Mike Prendergast & Walter Andrusyszyn retired White Hse. Insider & U.S. Deputy Chief Mission at NATO          Bill with Senator Marco Rubio  
Bill with Albano F. Ponte Friend from Boston   Bill with friends in Las Vegas   Bill with Friends at Las Vegas Convention
Art DalBen Late Peter W. Jasin  RIP pal   Bill with Attorney General Pam Bondi   Bill & Congressman Gus Bilarakis
Cameron Ross Campaign Mgr. for Congressman Mike Prendergast   Sheriff  Chris  Nocco   Bill with Ron Erickson childhood friend of the Late Peter W. Jasin & featured in his book  "Wings of Fate"
Gov. Jon Huntsman and Bill   Bill with the next 1st Lady Anita Perry Wife of Rick Perry after presenting her with a Yellow Rose   Bill with Opera Singer Leticia Velupe
45 years later get together with Army Pal Rick Ludlam & wife Marianne       Bill, Colleen, Tom & Ann at the Ronald Regan Dinner
Addressing the audience at U.S.F. Guest Speaker at University of South Florida 
"Band of Brothers" four Viet-Nam Vets united after 47 years Bill, Harvey Grape, Neil Botteglieri and Rick Ludlum
Bill, Colleen & William"Ted" Philips owner of the 4G's Ranch Bill with Police Chaplin Minnie Diaz-McMahon
Bill with Senator Mike Fasano Bill with Hse. Rep. Richard Corcoran 
Walter, Bill & Maj. Gen. Mike Ennis (ret) Pat Guarnieri former Chairman Nat'l. Conference of Homeland Security
BILL Memorialized Veteran's Day 2012                     BILL Memorialized Veteran's Day 2012
            Col. Mike Prendergast Exec. Dir. Dept. of Veteran Affairs   Bill with Sandi Usai & Dr. Tim Echstein (Mich) working on H.R. Bill 6576                   100th Light Infantry ReUnion
Rick Ludlam, Bob Golding, Harvey Grape
Neil Botalaguari and Bill
          Bill with Chaplain Minnie Diaz Bill with Elizabeth Bancroft Exec. Dir. AFIO Bill addressing the Intelligence Program at USF
            Bill & Ann at Andrea Bocelli Concert A few hours before the engagement at the Andrea Bocelli Concert